Hope Physical Rehabilitation offers Comprehensive Physical Therapy, Fitness, Personalized Training, & Conditioning in the following:

Spine: Back, Neck, & Sciatica

Our proven functional approach to back and neck pain integrates 3-dimensional biomechanical testing, treatment, exercise and education to enable self-management and an active lifestyle, health, and well-being. Move to Better!

Orthopedics & Joint Replacement Rehab

Our individualized approach to movement is much more than just exercise. It skillfully integrates movement art and science to restore comfort, capacity, and confidence more completely; enabling you to do what you want to do. Make Your Move!

Sports Rehab, Training, & Performance

We treat and train athletes of every age and level of play from youth to seniors and novice to elite. Our experience includes recreational, youth, high school, collegiate, Olympic, and professional athletes. Play to your potential. Get Your Move On!

Manual Therapy & Massage

Sometimes you just need a hand to move beyond pain and limited movement. We can give you that hand with skillful manual therapy treatment and soft tissue treatment. Our approach goes beyond traditional massage to restore tissue health and functional performance. Be Moved.

Balance & Vestibular Disorders

Instability, falls, fear, dizziness, vertigo, and nausea are inconvenient, uncomfortable, and dangerous. Very commonly the cause is more related to movement than medicine. Our Balance Specialists don’t just treat symptoms but also their underlying cause. Move confidently!

Lymphatic Drainage & Circulation

Our advanced training and certification in manual lymphatic techniques and lymphedema management improves circulation, tissue health / healing, and comfort. Whatever the cause we can help normalize natural lymphatic circulation and will teach you how you can better care for yourself. Discover “Movement Meant for You!”

Hope Lymphatic Rehab

Our program offers a personalized approach that expertly combines advanced training and certification in manual lymphatic techniques with the science of motion and posture. This integrated approach is designed to prepare patients for surgery, enhance lymphatic circulation, reduce inflammation, improve tissue health and healing, and restore motion, posture, and comfort both before and after surgery.
It will also be easier for surgeons to cut through a well drain, clean tissue, very important in plastic surgery.

We specialize in normalizing the natural lymphatic circulation and body mechanics and provide guidance on self-care. Our methodology is rooted in the integration of manual lymphatic mapping (MLM), manual lymphatic drainage therapy (MLDT) with Functional science applied to the movement and posture of the human body; addressing not only pre-surgery preparation but also comprehensive interventions in other bodily systems after the surgery.

We emphasize harmonious integration between aesthetic and functional aspects, recognizing that each system plays a vital role before, during and after plastic surgery of the face and neck. Our approach involves interventions on the lymphatic system, the fascial system, the musculoskeletal system, as well as taking into account emotional and nutritional factors.

Our ultimate goal is to facilitate surgical interventions, quick recovery and optimal plastic surgery outcomes of face and neck, contribute to enhance elegance by promoting good cervical spine posture to improve overall aesthetic results, while better functionality, health and well-being throughout the whole process.

Biomechanics & Movement Impairments

Life is in the living. It’s in physically moving and in the doing the laughing, loving, and living. An injury here, wear and tear there. It all adds up over time, leaving one diminished with less fun and fulfillment. Reclaim the joy. Move at the speed of life!

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